Weather Station

I all things that can be logged and automated. For a while I have been monitoring the inside and outside temperature at home, at work and at the cottage.

A few weeks ago, I showed a colleague of mine my temperature graphs. She is no stranger of logging, and showed me a bunch of graphs from her weather station. It was pretty obvious what would happen: I just had to get a weather station. With a bunch of sensors, there would be endless possibilities of logging 🙂 As I live in an apartment in Oslo, it is placed at hour cottage. We have mobile broadband there, so I can still get live data. Actually, the weather station is attached to the mobile broadband antenna we already had.

I bought a WH1080 weather station at Clas Ohlson. It is branded with a different name, but some googling made it clear it was a WH1080. I was lucky as I actually got it at a reduced price.

The WH1080 has a outdoor unit with the following sensors: Wind, wind direction, temperature, humidity, barometeri and rain. It also has a indoor unit with a display and a temperature and humidity sensor.

With the weather station, you get a CD with some Windows software. You can connect your PC to the station using USB. The station can log data from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the interval you want to log. I log every 5 minutes, and need to read the data once every two weeks or so to not loose any data.

I don’t use Windows, but Linux. There are both GUI and CLI software around. I ended up with pywws. The indoor unit is connected to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian.

Pywws can both log, create aggregated data, upload to other services (like Weather Underground), and create web pages using programmable templates. The pywws on the Pi at the cottage only log data. The data is then transferred to a virtual server we have using rsync in a cron job. On the server we also run pywws which creates aggregated data, uploads to weather underground and finally creates a web page at every 5 minutes. Now I can sit at home and dream about being at the cottage and follow the weather situation.

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