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Weather Station

I all things that can be logged and automated. For a while I have been monitoring the inside and outside temperature at home, at work and at the cottage.

A few weeks ago, I showed a colleague of mine my temperature graphs. She is no stranger of logging, and showed me a bunch of graphs from her weather station. It was pretty obvious what would happen: I just had to get a weather station. With a bunch of sensors, there would be endless possibilities of logging 🙂 As I live in an apartment in Oslo, it is placed at hour cottage. We have mobile broadband there, so I can still get live data. Actually, the weather station is attached to the mobile broadband antenna we already had.

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Bar code scanner

Yesterday I got a note from the post office that told me that a package could be picked up.  I could see that the package was from China, but that was all.  I buy all kinds of stuff from China that costs a few bucks, so this could be anything.  When these packages arrive three weeks later, I have often forgotten about it.  So what could this be?  This was kind of like  Christmas 🙂

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As a hobby photographer using Linux, I have been quite frustrated with the color profiles of my screens. More than once, I have adjusted the colors of an image manually, only to be surprised when I get a print back and the image is way too red. Last week a ColorHug arrived at my post office, the solution to all my color frustrations.

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Blindtest av cola

Light-brus smaker jo per definisjon ikke helt bra… Men hvem er egentlig best? Jeg har vel knapt hatt to forskjellige alternativer ved siden av hverandre, og dermed var dette for meg et helt åpent spørsmål. Denne uka bestemte jeg meg derfor å gjøre noe med dette, og gikk til innkjøp av fire forskjellige sukkerfrie colaflasker.
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