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Notification ads

I suddenly started to get ads in the notification bar. It is probably the most annoying type of ad I have ever seen.

I have just bought a new phone, and had installed a bunch of new apps, so which one was the sinner?
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Datoer kan være vanskelig. Foreløpig ikke helt overbevist over denne pakkesporingsappen. Eller kanskje det er Tollpost sin feil.
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Sanding and mixing of paint

When the parts from Mike Brose (Puppets and props) arrived, the sirfaces were very smooth. The paint won’t stick to a smooth surface, so the first task was to sand all the parts very thoroughly.

This job takes a while to complete, but all the guides I have read emphasizes the importance of sanding properly.  At the moment the paint starts to fall off you will regret.

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The Albert Project – introduction

I have for a long time wanted to get me a ventriloquist dummy. I have been a magician for years, not a good one at all, but it is still fun to perform for family and friends from time to time.

I guess it is not than uncommon to combine magic and ventriloquism, and finally I decided to go for it and give it a try. So here it is: My Albert Project.
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The daunting task

OK; I had the dummy parts, but what now? To those who haven’t given it a thought, it might seem like a simple task to make the dummy when you have the dummy parts ready (as shown in the picture). Well, it is not that simple, really. Read More