Finally Steam is in an open beta in Linux. I’ve been waiting for this for a while now.

The installation went like a breeze. So did the buying process, paying with PayPal. And in a few moments I had bought a second world war game: Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45.

Generally I was pretty pleased with how well things worked.  But I have to mention one problem first:

I had some issues with the screen resoulution. I only saw portions of the screen like the top left corner of the whole screen. In short: it was impossible to play the steamgame or even start it properly. I tried to select the latest Nvidia driver in Ubuntu 12.10, the experimental one, but this also failed to solve the problem. After some googling I found out I could edit some config file for the game, and in the end I got it up and running in the monitors full resolution. I was not able to run with any other resolution, or else the problem would be back.

I then tried to download the latest driver from the Nvidia site, but this did not solve the problem, it did however, have a great impact on the performance.

Enough mentioning of problems. Other than this hick-up  everything went smoothly. It is so cool that it is possible to buy and download a game and get it up and running in such a short time.

After the partly successful story of Red Orchestra, I bought a Serious Sam game and two Clockwork Man games. These two gave me absolutely no resolution problems or other kinds of problems.

Select, pay, download, run! I can’t tell you how cool it is to finally see a movement in the games sphere of Linux.

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  1. I’m happy to see Steam running so well 🙂 you should check out Desura, though. They’ve been around much longer, and their solution works even better than Steam. Too bad Steam gets all the press when Desura surpasses them in every way…


    1. Eivind Mork 2012-12-29 at 10:50

      Oh, cool. I had never heard about them. I sure will take a look!


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