My Fiat 850 D

My first day as car owner in 2002

There hasn’t been much new here on my blog the last few years, but now I have a subject that deserves some blogging. In addition to my everyday Toyota Corolla, I own a Fiat 850 D from 1974.

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New saw

My new Japanese saw

A few months back I got a Japanese saw from my parents for birthday. This is a cool woodworking tool, and nothing like a regular saw.

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Weather Station Upgrade

A few weeks ago my weather station had a breakdown. It was a few years, and I decided to buy a new one. The weather station was a WH1080. It is not the best one on the market, but it is cheap and sold under many brands so spare parts are easy to get.

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Lightning detector

I have a weather station at the cabin. It is a pretty standard one measuring wind direction, wind speed, humidity, temperature and precipitation.

But we need more sensors! After reading this blog about lightning detectors and Raspberry Pi, I ordered one pretty quickly 🙂

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Camera in birdbox project

Today I am starting a new project: A camera in a birdbox.

We have a birdbox at the cabin the two years we have owned the cabin. I have dreamt of a camera in the box a while. There are several ready made cameras out there, but they all are based on composite video with a cable. I wanted a wireless solution which could be read from a computer.

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Weather Station

I all things that can be logged and automated. For a while I have been monitoring the inside and outside temperature at home, at work and at the cottage.

A few weeks ago, I showed a colleague of mine my temperature graphs. She is no stranger of logging, and showed me a bunch of graphs from her weather station. It was pretty obvious what would happen: I just had to get a weather station. With a bunch of sensors, there would be endless possibilities of logging 🙂 As I live in an apartment in Oslo, it is placed at hour cottage. We have mobile broadband there, so I can still get live data. Actually, the weather station is attached to the mobile broadband antenna we already had.

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Bar code scanner

Yesterday I got a note from the post office that told me that a package could be picked up.  I could see that the package was from China, but that was all.  I buy all kinds of stuff from China that costs a few bucks, so this could be anything.  When these packages arrive three weeks later, I have often forgotten about it.  So what could this be?  This was kind of like  Christmas 🙂

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As a hobby photographer using Linux, I have been quite frustrated with the color profiles of my screens. More than once, I have adjusted the colors of an image manually, only to be surprised when I get a print back and the image is way too red. Last week a ColorHug arrived at my post office, the solution to all my color frustrations.

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